Antique Bronze Bernini’s David Mounted Marble Base Figure Sculpture

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When taking home the original is not an option, a small-scale replica of your favorite classical artwork is the next-best thing! This bronze cast statue of David is a 1/8th scale version of Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s original David sculpture located in the Borghese Gallery and Museum in Rome, Italy that was commissioned in the 17th century. David is seen in motion with his sling shot pulled across his body. Add a small hint of Baroque Neoclassicism to your study, dining, or living room and be reminded of Italy, every day!


Collector’s Notes:

There are no foundry or marks.

Size: 12.25” high, 6.5” deep and 8” wide

Condition: excellent as all parts seem to be original and there are no losses. The marble base was repaired and is not noticeable unless you turn it on its side.

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