Bremen Town Musicians Porcelain Figurine Hutschenruether Sculpture, German

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If you’re familiar with Brothers Grimm or Bremen, Germany, you may already know a bit about this sculpture! If you’re not, you may wonder why and how a rooster, cat, dog, and donkey came to be stacked on top one another. In the fairytale, these four animals found themselves out of work due to their increasing ages. After feeling dejected, the donkey decided he would travel to Bremen to become a musician and the others followed. On their travels, they stopped at a house that was being robbed and, in order to get a better look into the window, stacked like this. They ended up scaring the robbers through their collective noises and skills and stayed in the home they protected. Perhaps they found your home on this new journey?


Collector’s Notes:

Condition: Excellent

Markings: Logo with 1814. 12. Hutschenreuther Germany Kunstabteilung

Porcelain is stamped K. Tutter 

Size: “8 Height; 6.5” Widest Point; 2.5” Depth of Base