Large Detailed Bronze Perched Bald Eagle Wildlife Sculpture Marble Base

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Bald Eagles represent freedom, strength, and courage and the artist that sculpted this seems to have had these words in mind when making it. This large bronze sculpture features a perched and observant eagle in full detail and a little smaller than life size. With wings still out, this bird seems to either have just landed or is getting ready to take flight. The artist has captured this fleeting moment perfectly in this cast. Mounted on a rectangular piece of polished marble and secured to a beveled wooden base, this sculpture is ready to grace your home. If you adore wildlife and fine art, this sculpture is perfect for you!

Collector's Notes:

Condition: Excellent

Less than expected wear for preowned item. Possibly designed by Mike Curtis. Has a plaque at the front as this sculpture was commissioned and presented as an award, but could potentially be removed.

Size: 16"height; 9" width at widest point; 5 1/2" depth

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