Lladro #4840 Seated Geisha Cherry Blossom Vine Flowers Porcelain Figurine

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Lladro pushes porcelain to the limits with this delicate design featuring a Geisha Arranging Flowers. There is a weightlessness to this figurine that makes it feel all the components are movable, just paused in time. Her position, how the fabric of her garments cascade around her, the single flower on the table, the solitary flowering branch, and the slight tilt of the vase bottom all contribute to this feeling. Gaze at this figure and be reminded to take time to admire the small things that surround you!

Collector's Notes:

Condition: Excellent

Expected wear for pre-owned item. No visible flaws. This model (#4840) was retired in 1998.

Size: 6 1/4" depth; 4 1/2" width; 7 1/2" height

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