Vintage 1978 Vandermark Golden Blue Iridescent Art Glass Paperweight

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Minimalistic and mesmerizing, this vintage Vandermark 1978 Paperweight is an artful addition to any room! Created by celebrated glass artist, Jerry Vandermark, this piece features his love of design as well as his skill with the craft. The copper and blue iridescent surface tones swirl with rhythmic energy that radiates throughout the piece. Like a gemstone, this sculptural paperweight glows when light hits it. Like desert sand and a flowing river, the surface has movement in its own landscape. Wherever this piece sits, it brings an adventurous and lively spirit!

Collector’s notes:

Signed on base, dated 1978. Attributed to Jerry Vandermark of Vandermark-Merritt Glass Studios of New Jersey. Blue/orange/copper colored frosted upper appearance fades into a translucent base.  Colors may very slightly from images due to changes in environment or lighting characteristic of iridescence and glass.

Condition: excellent condition for an items this age. No scuffs or scratches, however there are several tiny pits throughout likely original.

Size: 3” tall x 2 1/2” wide (diameter). Egg-Shaped.

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