Hand Molded Owl by Akron, OH Artists Denis Chasek and Jane Parshall Circa 1960’s

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Every home could use a wise owl watching over it! This adorable creation was made by two Akron, Ohio artists, Denis and Jane Parshall. Many pieces were formed by Denis and then glazed by Jane. There is not much known about these two artists, but we are fortunate to have acquired this piece directly from the artist. This figure is molded in a soft silhouette and large, pronounced eyes. A speckled, gray glaze coats the body and is contrasted with darker glazing in the details.

 Collector’s Notes:

The verso of the owl is marked with a label, see image. And in an iron oxidized glaze D. Chasek. 

Size: 6” tall, 5.5” wide, 7” long

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