Hand Thrown Mottled Mossy Glaze Footed Shallow Ceramic Ikebana Vase Bowl

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Mesmerizing as it is masterful is this shallow ceramic Ikebana Bowl! From its center, we see the maker's swirl from throwing the piece on the wheel. The application of the mottled glaze provides dimension and rhythm to each layer of the piece. With the tapered foot, the shallow bowl rises to an admirable height. Together, one can't help but think of a droplet falling into still waters when looking at the shape of this Ikebana bowl.

Collector's Notes:

A hand thrown shallow footed ikebana bowl. Glossy mottled green/grey glaze. Unsigned.

Condition: Excellent condition without any chips, cracks, or crazing.

Less than expected wear for age. One strip of accretion from a former piece of tape on underside of bowl (see photos).

Size: 8" height; 12” length; 11” width; 11" max opening diameter

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