Vintage Japanese Organic Tri-Panel Slab Natural Stoneware Ikebana Vase

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Ikebana utilizes natural beauty and imperfection with every floral design, the vessel gets chosen with that in mind. This vintage Japanese tri-panel Ikebana vase has organically shaped curves like a river stone. An Ikebana Master may choose this vase to emphasize the curvature of the stems or align with an understated part of the arrangement's personality. A touch of green glaze lets us truly see the life of this mid-century piece!

Collector's Notes:

Condition: Excellent

Less than expected wear for age, there is a crack that runs along the edge of one corner and a small chip on the rim (see photos). Some crazing on interior glaze. 

Size: 9" height; 6” length; 5" width; 5" max opening diameter

A handmade tri-panel slab construction stoneware vase for ikebana, Japanese, mid century. Matte exterior, glossy green/ivory glazed interior. Artist’s mark on base.

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