Vintage Pair 20th Century Polychrome Floral Filigree Porcelain Cherub Vases

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If you feel the tug on your heart strings telling you that you never knew you needed these vintage polychrome porcelain vases, you should listen to your heart! Each of these vases are immaculately decorated in orange, red, blue, aqua, green, and black. Blossoming flowers and vines grace the square top and rise to leaves that line the rim of the opening. At the top and bottom of each side is ornate filigree that mimics fabric or curtains that are held in place by smiling cherubs. Alternating in the center of these sides are either a crest or crowned monogram contrasting the lustrous black background. These vases are absolutely stunning! No matter where you put them, they will certainly shine.


Collector's Notes:

Condition: Excellent

Less than expected wear for age. The crest side has a ribbon that reads "N Lanserak/Lansevak/Lanserar". And there seem to be four letters on the monogram sides, "N, C, Y/V, L". More than anything, they are beautifully blended accents to the overall fabulously decorated forms. 

Size: 8" height; 3 1/2" width; 3 1/2" depth; tapers to 3" at base; 1 1/4" diameter top outside measurement

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