Vintage USA Made Watt Oven Ware Ceramic Blue White Cream 6” Mixing Bowl

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Although this Vintage USA Made Watt Oven Ware Mixing Bowl cannot be used as originally intended, it is still a remarkable example of American Craftsmanship! Its sleek surface is a sun-touched creamy beige glaze and features two white lines sandwiching a blue band horizontally to accent the shape of the bowl on the outside. Enjoy the many lifetimes of experiences this bowl brings with it and add to its story while it resides in your home!

Collector’s Notes:

A vintage yellow 6” oven ware mixing bowl by Watt, as found. Yellow glaze with blue and white bands. Marked on base with Watt logo, made in USA.

Condition: As found, this piece has a large crack and is no longer liquid-safe. Crackling in glaze throughout. See images.

Size: 6” top diameter; 3” height; 3” base diameter

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