Antique Black Gold Tole Rectangular Metal Safety Deposit Box Creative Decor

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Lovers of history, feast your eyes on this Antique Tole Safety Deposit Box and imagine the stories it has to tell! Like all of us, this box has gathered some wear through its life but is none-the-less beautiful for it. We still see the glossy black exterior decorated in contrasting golf leaf lines to enhance the rectangular shape. On the lid, there is almost a French Line mat with gold and red which is rather luxurious. The interior glistens with warm, brassy tones. This lovely box would work well in any room that has a studious, traditional flair and would appropriately stow away your valuable trinkets!

Collector’s notes:

Antique Tole rectangular safety deposit box

Size: 10” x 5” x 4 1/4”

Condition: Expected wear for age & use. Overall scratching and paint loss adds to the unique character of this item.

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