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Mitchell Sotka

Antique Gold Filled Oval Floral Engraved Mourning Hair Locket Pendant

Antique Gold Filled Oval Floral Engraved Mourning Hair Locket Pendant

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A collector of Victorian mourning art should find this antique gold filled locket with a memorial engraving and a lock of hair to be quite spectacular! This large oval pendant is decorated with leafy vines against decorative swirling textures on the front side. On the back, an ornate wreath of flowers is lightly engraved. A small sphere is on each opening side to allow for easy access to the inside. Once opened, there are two cuts of glass. To the right, a flat piece of gold has an inscription that reads “In loving memory of Robert Manning from W. Lepper”. The opposite side has a circle of brunette hair set against cobalt blue. This locket is truly a remarkable piece and contains a unique glimpse into the past!

Collector’s Notes:

During a time when photography was just being developed and artistic portraiture wasn’t in many people’s budgets, saving locks of hair became a way to preserve a tangible piece of a loved one. Like saving a lock from a baby’s first hair cut, Victorians saved hair for a multitude of reasons. They would give locks as a token of love, or keep them to weave into art or useful items, and also as a way to remember someone who passed away.

Condition: Very Good - Excellent

Expected wear for age.

Size: 1 5/8” total length; 1” wide; 1/4” deep

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