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2021 March Rocky River Estate Sale



Whether you are in the process of downsizing, moving, or managing all that comes with the loss of a loved one, Mitchell Sotka can help.


Generally, an Estate Sale is most helpful when a home has a lot of treasures that might soon no longer have a place. If a collection is significantly overwhelming, thinking of how to store items, what to keep, and the best method of transitioning is often too much for even a team of three. We specialize in working in homes that might have a lifetime of treasures and trinkets. Whether you are downsizing, helping a family member move, or in the process of evaluating an estate, estate sales are a very efficient means of moving items.

Setting up an estate sale is a labor of love (and experience), but it still takes time. The first step is contacting us to set up a free consultation where we will visit the home and assess it. Once we understand what is in the home, we will know what we can anticipate from an estate sale with us or provide recommendations for alternative options. We like to begin working in a house at least six weeks prior to the agreed upon sale dates. This allows us to properly unpack stored items, stage and organize each room, appropriately price items, and market the sale. We have a team of trusted individuals who are part of this process from beginning to end. At the end of the sale, we take a few extra days to box up the remaining items and work with charities to facilitate donations.

Conducting an estate sale is more efficient and economical than you may think, though it takes the right team to make it that way. Our expenses for labor, advertising and commission may be about 30% of the total gross sales and has never exceed 45%. This cost allows us to organize, stage, price, market, work, and tidy up to the agreed upon standards of the sale. We utilize, local publications, our mailing list, and social media to promote each sale.

Give us a call! We'll know more about what's possible after speaking with you. By setting up a free consultation, we will be able to very quickly assess your possibilities. An official estate sale might not an option, but we are always sourcing interesting items for our shop and would buy certain things directly or advising where certain objects may be more desired.

There are a few options to stay up-to-date with our Estate Sales. You're already utilizing the first option which is through this website. Below, you can see a list of our most current sales. You may also click "News" in the menu to see a larger list of our past, present, and future events. Another way to make sure you don't miss a sale is by signing up for our mailing list. This can be done via the signup entry at the bottom of our page in the footer. We send out about one or two emails a month to share happenings. You may also find out about these sales, our new inventory, and more by following us on Instagram or Facebook. Pick which way works best for you and we look forward to seeing you at our sales!

Mitchell Sotka Estate Sales are always a fun, inspiring experience! We do our best to make sure treasured possessions find their way into a new collection to carry on the admiration for the objects. Info about these sales via our "News" section on this website. When you click on an article, you will be able to read about the sale and find an listing where we have images of what can be found at the house. With each collector having a completely personal eye, each sale offers a completely unique experience.

An Estate Sale's address is only available the day prior to the sale. This is done for a multitude of reasons. automatically releases the address a day before the sale. To get to the listing, click on the "News" menu article for the sale you want to attend. The link is provided in that article.

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