Lounging Ceramic Raccoon Sculpture by Artist John H Seymour Circa 1970

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Doesn’t this charming raccoon sculpture capture your heart? Artist, John H. Seymour, created this playful creature from clay in a stylized realism. Most of the body is lightly textured and subtly glazed in a way that ties the sculpture to the earth and nature it represents. Maybe this raccoon has had a little too much to eat and is readying for a nap, or maybe she just is so in awe with your design choices and chose to admire them while lounging comfortably - either way, she is ready to join your family! 

Collector’s Notes:

1970s. Totaled brown glaze covers the body of the Raccoon with incised lined to create the paws, black block printing to create a tail and the black and white spots around each eye. The side is signed by the artist, Sey, copyright as well. The verso is unmarked but there are four rubber pads to protect the surface this little rests on. 

Size: 14.75” long 8.5” wide 5.25” high

Condition: Excellent 

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