Pair of Rare 19th Century Ceramic English Staffordshire Standing Spaniels

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This rare pair of English Staffordshire Spaniels is ready to watch over your home! They have served as brilliant guardian dogs since the 19th Century. Glazed in warm-toned black, white, and shades of gray, they will seamlessly compliment any interior. Each pup has inset glass eyes and gilt-trimmed collars that enhance their craftsmanship. These standing figures will beautifully grace a mantel, top of a curio. or sleek shelves.

Collector's Notes:

Both figures have a hole on the belly which was used during the firing of the figures to let hot air escape. 

One figure has a replaced glass eye (see image).

Size: 11.25” high 12.5” long 5” wide

Condition: Very Good to Excellent