Antique 19th Century Rose Medallion Enameled Porcelain Decorative Chinese Mug

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While this mug would make morning coffee fabulous, it should only be used as a bright, cheerful piece to admire. This antique porcelain cup is large enough to be a unique vase or desk storage. Decorated in Rose Medallion style, this vessel is painted in red, green, yellow, orange, blue, pink, and gold. When looking at the intricate designs, you can see roses, birds, foliage, moths, and a courtyard with five individuals. Spruce up your shelf with this 19th century Chinese treasure!

Collector’s Notes:

Condition: Excellent

Do not use to drink or eat out of as the materials may not be food-grade.

Size: 4” Width (5” with Handle); 4.25” Tall

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