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Mitchell Sotka

Antique Gordon Coutts California Desert Mountain Landscape Canvas Oil Painting

Antique Gordon Coutts California Desert Mountain Landscape Canvas Oil Painting

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This California Landscape was hand painted by world-travelling Scottish-born artist, Gordon Coutts (1868-1937). A native of Glasgow, Scotland, Gordon Coutts was an enormously versatile painter who specialized in Impressionist and Tonal styles. An itinerant globe trotter, Coutts traveled to remote locations in search of diverse subject matter ranging from boudoir nudes, portraits, Native American scenes, North African cityscapes, and California deserts. Coutts studied and taught art throughout most of his life starting in Glasgow, various cities in Australia, Paris, California, Morocco, Mexico, and then finally, Palm Springs. Those were all the places he spent most of his time, however, he was also traveling to other countries and cities as well!

Near the end of his life, Coutts was mostly painting desert landscapes of California due to the proximity of his Palm Springs home. Rich blue sky with dappled white clouds, layers of rocky mountains and desert plants, and sun reflecting off the sandy ground. This painting is a beauty that will make any home feel warmer!

Collector's Notes:

Gordon Coutts studied in Glasgow, the Julian Academy in Paris, and the National Gallery School in Australia. He taught at the Art Society of New South Wales, exhibited at the Royal Academy in London, and was a part of San Francisco's Bohemian Club. 

Coutts was married three times. First marriage was Jessie Benson who stayed in Australia when Gordon moved to Omaha, he filed for a formal divorce in 1903. Then he married his former student and fellow artist (1904), Alice Gray Hobbs, the two travelled extensively until WWI. After-which, Coutts began traveling again alone when he recieved a court summons (1918) from Reno, the divorce capitol where he and Alice formally divorced. Also in 1918, he met a musical gal from Cleveland, Ohio, Gertrude Russell. After traveling together, they settled down in Pasadena before moving to Palm Springs in 1925 after he contracted tuberculosis for the drier air. While in Palm Springs, they built a Moroccan-style home, Dar Maroc, now a hotel called Korakia Pensione. It became a center of Palm Springs culture with visiting friends and artists such as Nicolas Fenchin, Grant wood, Winston Churchill, and Rudolph Valentino. 

Condition: Excellent 

Expected wear for age. Circa 1920s. Poorly made repairs were redone, structure reinforced, and whole painting cleaned by archival trained professional after our acquisition. 

Signed "Gordon Coutts" in lower right corner.

Custom antiqued gold leaf wooden frame.

 Size: 40 1/4" frame width; 30" frame height; 2 1/2" frame max depth; 34 1/2" canvas width; 24 1/2" canvas height

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