Antique Staffordshire “Dick Turpin” On Horseback Porcelain Figure

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Dick Turpin was an English outlaw that went from deer thief to poacher to horse thief and killer who eventually paid for his crimes. But it took nearly one hundred years after his death for his name to gain fame in popular Victorian culture. Novelist William Harrison Ainsworth released "Rookwood" in 1834 which portrayed Turpin as an almost Robin Hood like character that rode with fierce passion on his horse, Black Bess. Harrison turned Turpin into a lively character that stuck with people, so it is no wonder there would be a Staffordshire figure of him made during this time. So this porcelain sculpture is a piece of history with several layers of stories attached to it! 

Collector’s Notes:

Condition: Very Good

Circa 1850. Expected wear from age. Some paint loss. 

Size: 9” height; 6 3/4” width; 2 1/4” max depth