Herend Blue Floral Garland Pattern Porcelain Trembleuse Cup & Saucer

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 Dress up your cabinet or curio with this lovely set of porcelain! Herend is an excellent addition for any collection as they create timeless, masterful designs that are each a work of art. This particular cup and saucer trembleuse set features hand painted rich blue flowers on green stems with magenta accents. To enhance the antique-inspired shapes, gilt gold lines are painted on the structured forms and around the scalloped edges of each piece. Treat yourself to an extra special cup of tea or coffee in the mornings or simply enjoy gazing at this beautiful piece of craftsmanship!

Collector's Notes:

Condition: Excellent

Expected wear for age.

Marked "Herend Hungary Handpainted; 713/P139" "270" and stamped with "73; 713" on saucer. Marked "Herend Hungary Handpainted; 713" "270" and stamped with "713" on cup.

Size: 3 3/8" cup height; 2 7/8" cup diameter; 3.5" total width; 5 1/2" saucer diameter; 2" saucer heigh

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