Vintage Tall Asymmetric Terracotta Glazed Ceramic Trumpet Ikebana Vase

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Elements of nature are simplified in this Vintage Ikebana Vase. Like a tree with stoic poise, or a rapid river this vase is balanced with imperfections. Asymmetry works with the two segments flowing around the top, playing off one another's momentum. Even the glaze feeds into a subtle energy of this piece with the warm terracotta tone and subtle speckled and brushed darker overlay.

Collector's Notes:

A tall hand potted ikebana vase, ca. 1960’s. Matte terracotta colored glaze. Unsigned.

Condition: Excellent condition without any chips, cracks, or crazing.

Less than expected wear for age. There is a white accretion measuring 1” round near the moth of vase, and similar discoloration on parts of the base (possible repair). Wax coating on most of interior surface, some wax deposits on base. 

Size: 22" height; 6” length; 4 1/2” width; 2" max opening diameter

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