*** SOLD *** Organic Shaped Tree Trunk Tripod Contrast Glaze Ceramic Ikebana Vase

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Multiple art forms are represented in this organically shaped Tripod Ikebana Vase. Made for the centuries practiced Japanese art of Ikebana, this vase also spectacularly showcases how ceramic art can imitate natural beauty. Like a tree trunk, this piece shows texture and subtle curves all enhanced by the dual glazing. Even without flowers, this vase celebrates the principals of Ikebana in its construction! Perfect naturally inspired fine art fit for any room.

Collector's Notes:

Condition: Excellent condition

Less than expected wear for age, without any chips or cracks. The nature of the glaze adds a “rough” textural element to the piece.

Size: 10" height; 7 1/2" max diameter 3 3/4" max opening diameter

A handcrafted tripod ikebana pottery vase in an organic form, with partial matte iron oxide glaze. Unsigned.

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