*** SOLD *** Large Handmade Asymmetric Textured Iron Oxide Glaze Ceramic Ikebana Vase

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Stoneware and contemporary art collide in this handmade Ikebana Vase! The body is constructed from four slabs joined together in a wavy texture. Each panel has a darker geometric and textured relief that enhances the artistic execution of the entire piece. A narrow opening formed on the wider portion of this vase gives it a sophisticated shape. If you love nature and ceramics, this piece is for you!

Collector's Notes:

Condition: Excellent condition, without any chips or cracks.

Less than expected wear for age

Size: 15" height; 7” length; 7” width; 1 1/2" max opening diameter

A large handmade stoneware slab construction ikebana vase, with iron oxide glaze. Signed/initialed (or numbered?) on bottom.

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