Vintage 1930s Kenton Hardware Co. Cast Iron Cart Driver Two Horses Metal Toy

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It's hard to believe that this gorgeous piece of industrial craftsmanship and artistry was once manufactured as a child's toy. Such is the case for this 1930s Kenton Hardware Co. Cast Iron Cart! Though age is somewhat evident on its surface, the original bright green, red, white and black are intact with the gold details still shining. The two horses and driver will continue riding through the decades, but now be admired as sculptural history!

Collector’s Notes: 

A vintage cast iron car with driver and two black horses. Made by Kenton Hardware Company in Kenton, OH c.1930

Originally the Kenton Lock Manufacturing Company, the company was active 1890-1952 and was one of the world’s largest cast iron toy factories. 

Size: Measures approximately 15” long x 4 1/2” wide x 7” tall 

Condition: Excellent condition for a toy of this age. Some wear and overall paint loss appropriate to age/use. 

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