Limoges Hand Painted Pink Carnation Oval Porcelain Pill Box, France

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Accessorize your dresser or vanity with this vintage Limoges porcelain pill box! The oval shape is accentuated with hand painted details like green leaves that surround the lid and base. A bow ties the leaves together and matches the metal ribbon clasp that beautifully closes and opens the container. A bright magenta carnation with a matching bud on a stem is the feature part of the lid. Upon opening the unique container, one will see “January” scripted on the inside of the lid. And looking into the bottom of the open box, the word “Carnation” is written in the same writing, but is complimented by a perpendicular budding carnation. Store your small items in style with this little box!

Collector’s Notes:

Condition: Excellent

Marked “Limoges France” in green on bottom.

Marked “c Betty St John, MCMLXXXII, Hand Painted, For Rochard” in black on bottom. 

Interior has “January” written inside lid and “Carnation” with accompanying flower on bottom. 

Size: 2.5” Width; 1.75” Depth; 1.25” Height