Antique Style Boat Harbor Landscape Scene Oil on Mounted Paper Framed Painting

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Never be without a view of the water after hanging this beautifully gilt framed oil painting in your home! Lend your senses to the serene, charming harbor scene. The shoreline is dotted with activity while the distant landscape features boats on the move and a cluster of buildings defined by our own imagination. This oil painting is the perfect size for nearly any space!

Collector's Notes:

Condition: Very Good - Excellent

Signed "Rose 185" assuming there was a fourth number for dating that got cut off.

Expected wear for age. Possibly 19th century cut down and re-framed in the 20th century or a 20th century copy of an original 19th century painting or one done in a similar style.

The painting on paper mounted to board that is housed in a deep gilt frame with an oak leaf molded detail.

Size: 17" width framed; 14 1/2" height framed; 3 1/4" depth framed; 12" width painting; 9 1/4" height painting

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