Vintage Sterling Silver Navajo Native American Bear Design Cuff Bracelet

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Bears symbolize strength, wisdom, and health but also are considered to possess a type of magic in balancing life in the world. There's an equal amount of fear and admiration for bears throughout history. This Vintage Sterling Silver Bracelet seems to be inspired by that history! The central band is divided in half with symmetrically mirrored designs featuring bear silhouettes, paws, rope, and sun motifs. Wear this beautifully crafted cuff any day to remind you to seek or maintain balance!

Collector’s Notes:

Sterling silver cuff bracelet featuring a mirrored design of five Native American bears in a row, flanked on either side by bear paws. “Twisted rope” accent bands and etching frame the bears. Mirrored at the central line. Possibly Navajo.

Condition: Excellent condition with very minor scuffing/wear on inside of band. One imperfection from the production process on right end of band. 

Marked “Sterling,” “MS,” and “.925”

Size: 6” length; 1/8” height; 5/8” band width

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