Vintage Freirich Etruscan Revival Style Gold Tone Bangle Bracelet

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Although this bangle looks like a masterfully crafted antiquity, it is actually a vintage Freirich bracelet! The French company began in 1922 and created clothing-specific wares to adorn pieces made by fashion houses like Chanel. In the 1960s, Freirich began their line of antique-inspired costume jewelry made so well some pieces were mistaken for true antiques. This bangle calls to Ancient Etruscan styles with lattice body, ridged domes, and filigree ornamentation. Whether you're going on holiday in the Mediterranean or simply like a good accessory, this bracelet is an excellent addition to your collection!

Collector’s Notes:

A vintage Freirich gold tone filigree bangle bracelet with applied decoration. Box clasp/tab insert with safety chain and spring ring closure.

Condition: Excellent

Size: 2 1/4” x 2” closed; 1/4” wide. Opens to 3 1/4” with safety chain closed. 

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