Chicologie x Mitchell Sotka

Chicologie x Mitchell Sotka




 Pierce Morgan is celebrating Chicologie's 5th Anniversary at our shop! Starting May 1st, a fabulous collection of designer fashion will be a part of our showroom. Pierce is both the Founder and Creative Director for this Luxury Collection Curation and Restoration company. Chicologie offers curated collections of vintage and contemporary luxury pieces that each capture the trifecta of concepts that make fashion truly excellent- great quality, creative innovation, and historic value. 
  Chicologie offers hand-restored, carefully curated, unique pieces that may be rare, culturally significant, and historically important with a focus on leather items and handbags. Each of these items is thoughtfully restored and refined with a specialized hand! Like us, Pierce sees value in helping individuals grow a lasting collection.

  Don't miss any previews of the vintage and modern designer items included in this one of a kind show! And make sure your friends and family know about it by inviting them on Facebook.

  The Chicologie 5th Anniversary Collection celebrates the past and future of Pierce's passion project turned career. Offered in two themes, the first is a combination of demure and iconic. Classic and timeless pieces in a simple color scheme with focus on craftsmanship and logomania. The second is a colorful take on similar concepts, full of history-making designers and their fascinating creations. Both of these mix vintage, contemporary, and obscure luxury clothing, accessories, and of course, bags.

   We look forward to sharing this inspiring collaboration with you! The show runs from May 1st through the 29th.

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