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Many of us love our homes, but might feel there is something missing or that a certain area is unfinished and don't quite know how to fix it. We bring our eyes, ears, and expertise into your space and find the best solution that meets your needs. Everyone has their own personal style and our goal is to help you flaunt it!.

We prioritize matching room functionality to your lifestyle. Not only do we want you to love how the space looks, but also how you flow through it. Your vision is part of our success! 

Our services have harmoniously organized a chaotic traditional library, transitioned a tree-lawn-finds filled living room to a sophisticated mid-century paradise, and converted a disjointed great-room to a warm, English-inspired gathering place. 

Mitchell Sotka can help shape a room through an affordable One Day Makeover or through more traditional interior design processes. Either way, this experience will be fun and enjoyable and we are here to help make it so.


    Our Projects

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    Service Options

    • Art Installation
    • Carpet & Rug Selection
    • Custom Pillows and Cushions
    • Drapery & Window Treatments
    • Fabrics & Trims
    • Furniture Layout
    • Restyle Bookshelves
    • Reupholster Furniture
    • Paint and Color Selection

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