Designer Trunk Show by Chicologie | November 18th - 26th

Designer Trunk Show by Chicologie | November 18th - 26th

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Chicologie Vintage Menswear Ties Cufflinks
Chicologie Vintage Chanel Escada Designer Clothing

Chicologie's Pierce Morgan is bringing in another spectacular collection of vintage designer clothing and accessories from Friday, November 18th through Saturday, the 26th. This round, he is also bringing in some Menswear and newer pieces he's sourced that haven't been seen in our collaborations before. Like previous Trunk Shows, he will also have an array of Designer accessories, handbags, and clothing. Some of the designers include Chanel, Burberry, Escada, Etro, and Prada. Every single time we have Pierce in our shop, we feel his passion and knowledge radiate around us! If you stop in while he's here, you will understand what we mean. Pierce founded Chicologie because of his love of fashion, design, and conservation! He personally cares for and maintains every piece amongst his collection and those that get added along the way. There are stories behind each item - the fabric, stitching, label, or provenance. Every experience with Chicologie and Pierce Morgan is an inspiring one!


Chicologie Vintage Designer Luxury Leather Handbags  Chicologie Vintage Silk Scarf Designer Etro Handbag


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