The Art of Ikebana | A Collection of Ikebana Vases & Day of Artful Arranging

The Art of Ikebana | A Collection of Ikebana Vases & Day of Artful Arranging

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If you are a lover of Flowers and Art, you might adore Ikebana! We recently acquired a Collection of spectacular Ikebana Vases that are each themselves works of Art. Starting Saturday, May 7th, all of these vases will be on view and available to purchase in our store and online! If you stop into our Old River store, you will also be able to see our Florist friend using some of the pieces to create Ikebana Floral Arrangements. We look forward to celebrating all the art with you!

So what exactly is Ikebana? Ikebana is a multi-century practiced Japanese art and a minimalistic, intentional way of arranging flowers. Every individual piece that goes into an Ikebana arrangement is specifically chosen for that piece by the master artist to convey a feeling or emotion - just like any other artwork would.

Ikebana artists curate impermanent moments using found beauty and celebrate the imperfections that those found pieces may carry. Masters are able to translate their personality into every work, even with their tools continuously slightly different. That being said, their personality never overpowers the nature they use. Instead, a Master will harmonize themselves with nature in their creations. Every blossom, every stem, every leaf is placed with precision. Although flowers provide a focal point, they are no more important than the stem they are on or the accents surrounding them.

An Ikebana Vase is the start to any Ikebana Arrangement as it is an integral part of the entire display. Ikebana vases come in many shapes and sizes, sometimes looking like a shallow bowl or like more traditional vases we are accustomed to. The vases we have in this Collection are no different! All are worthy of admiration and could be seen as sculptural works on their own.

To learn more about Ikebana, you might want to check out "A Guide to Ikebana Flower Arranging" by KonMarie or "Everything You Need to Know About the Basic Principles of Ikebana" from The Japanese Way.

View the Collection Here: The Art of Ikebana

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