Wine & Wares with Gai Russo | Jewelry Pop-Up | Oct 29th

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Mitchell Sotka Wine & Wares Event Header with Gai Russo Jewelry Pop Up in Rocky River Ohio 

Another year calls for another celebration! We are teaming up with Solari Home and River Gallery to host our annual Wine & Wares. On Saturday, October 29th, from 4-6PM you can join the three of us small businesses for refreshments and to pick up this year's passport. We also have a very special guest setting up shop for the day: local jeweler and artisan, Gai Russo. She is bringing some of her newest pieces for a Pop-Up and will be in-store from 10-6.
If you've recently discovered Mitchell Sotka, you may be unfamiliar with this event or Gai Russo - so let's go over some of the basics! Wine & Wares began as a way to celebrate our longstanding customers and community we've gained through operating in Old River. As you know, small businesses are just that: small. River Gallery and Solari, like us, adore those that continue to step through our doors and connect with what we do. If we all have the same joy, why not celebrate together? Every Wine & Wares event includes a Passport that you can get stamped from visiting or making a purchase at any or all of our three shops. Collecting these stamps and then turning in your passport at the end of the event will allow you to enter into a raffle for a chance to win one of four prizes! The categories for the raffle are: visiting all three stores, shopping at one store, shopping at two stores, and shopping at all three. Prizes this year are the three items featured below and for being a patron to all three of our shops, there's a chance of winning a $150 gift certificate for Salmon Dave's.
Wine and Wares Trio of Potential Raffle Prizes
Gai Russo Coffee Aromatic Bracelet Handmade Jewelry Rocky River Ohio
Gai Russo is not synonymous with Wine & Wares, but we were lucky enough to snag her for this one! We've hosted many events with her in the past because of her passionate love of her craft and all the beautiful things she makes. Gai is a talented artisan who has been crafting spectacular jewelry for decades. She is known for her patented aromatic designs and jewelry intended to be worn and loved daily. Every single piece is created by her hands with precision and dedication. For these reasons and more, she has been recognized for her creations by several art museums, brands like Aveda and Marie Claire, and publications. Check out the video below produced by New Day Cleveland featuring Gai in her element. We love getting to share her work with you!
 Gai Russo Copper Bar Necklace Handmade Jewelry Rocky River Ohio Gai Russo Moon Stars Handmade Bracelet Rocky River Ohio Gai Russo Two Tone Eye Dangle Earrings Handmade Jewelry Rocky River Ohio

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