Antique Art Deco 14K Yellow Gold Blue Gemstone Filigree Bar Pin Brooch

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Feel the elegance of the Art Deco era while wearing this Antique 14K Filigree Bar Pin! The elongated brooch features a symmetrical design stemming outward from the central sapphire-color gem. With platinum-toned front, this 14K Gold piece of jewelry will shine with any outfit!

Collector's Notes:

An Antique Art Deco Bar Pin made from 14K yellow gold. Pin is symmetric filigree with elongated and decorative shape featuring a light blue circular gemstone in the center of a diamond shape. The front of the pin is silver-toned, probably plated. Less than expected wear for age.

Condition: Excellent

Size: 2" length; 3/8"  max width; 3/8" depth

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