Antique 1926 Sterling Silver June 22 Baby Birth Record Bell Ornament

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Whether you love silver, bells, or time lost-art forms, you will be awestruck with this antique birth record bell. A shining silver bell is secured to a carved ring of pearlescent shell by what is made to look like a belt and buckle. The bell face and sides are both embossed and engraved with design in mind. A large clock appears in the center framed by a layered ribbon that says "birth record" at top. Allyne is engraved on the backside and appears to have been born on June 22 in 1926 at seven pounds and six ounces. These factors may be a bit difficult to replicate, but this lovely piece of history doesn't need to match anyone's life exactly. This rattle would make a great gift to any history lover, even better if their birthday is June 22 or named Allyne. Let it glisten on your antique-themed tree or in your cabinet of collected silver!

Collector's Notes:

Condition: Very Good

Size: 3" height; 1 1/4" bell width; 1 3/4" ring width; 1/4" depth

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