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Mitchell Sotka

Antique 19th Century Samovar Milk Glass Globe Table Lamp Light

Antique 19th Century Samovar Milk Glass Globe Table Lamp Light

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This lamp is truly unique! The base is an antique Samovar which warms our hearts like it would’ve warmed many a-cup in the late 19th century. After their invention mid-18th Century, Samovars were an important part of a Russian household and provided hot water for coffee and tea. Traditionally, they were heated by burning coal in a vertical tube in the center of the brass urn. On top of the chimney, instead of a globe lamp, there would be a sterling teapot. In time, there were varieties of Samovars including chimney-less, kerosene, electric, and dual-purpose. While we still believe a samovar is a functional and beautiful item as-is, this lamp creates a new functionality as well as artistic sculptural moment of light that we truly love. 

Collector's Notes:

Condition: Excellent

Size: 36” total height; 12” maximum width; 14.5”maximum depth; 6" base width and depth; approximately 38" globe circumference; 12" globe height; 5" spout length; 83" cord

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