Antique Gold Filled Victorian Hair Braided Mourning Watch Chain Locket

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Style yourself with this antique accessory and connect with a unique custom of the past! This Victorian era watch chain is made of human hair that is woven and wrapped for strength and flexibility. One end features a hook closure while the opposite end has a loop that can hold a fob. In the center of the band is a purse-shaped locket with different decoration on each side. Can be worn as a choker for smaller necks and is still perfectly suitable for holding a watch securely!

Collector’s Notes:

Gold Filled. Marked 14

Hair art was popular during the 19th century for both signs of affection and mourning. Photography was still new and not widely accessible or practical until later in the century and hiring an artist was outside many budgets. Hair was a cost-effective way to preserve a piece of a loved one’s identity without it degrading. Hair was made into paintings, kept in lockets, and made into wearable objects.

 Condition: Excellent

Some fraying and expected wear for age.

Size: 13.25” total length (11.75” best neck fit); .5” width; 1.5” pendant length


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