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Antique Square Neoclassical Aquatint Eccentric Pedicure Framed Print

Antique Square Neoclassical Aquatint Eccentric Pedicure Framed Print

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Each of us has a daily self-care routine, but that routine most likely does not include a team of individuals pampering you in the nude. If it does, you might need this antique aquatint immediately. If not, it is still a truly wonderful piece that combines Neoclassical forms with early 20th century colors and recognizable content. In this print, there are five women gathered around a table. Three of the women are nude, one seems to be in a robe or cape, and the other is in late Victorian garb. There is food and presumably wine on the table and they appear to be seated outdoors. A very interesting and unique scene without a doubt!

Collector's Notes:

Condition: Excellent

Expected wear for age. Circa 1920s.

Has an Export Stamp for Hungarian National Gallery Kivitelre Engedelyeze

Recently framed with conservation friendly materials.

Size: 18 1/4" frame width; 17 3/4" frame height; 1 1/2" frame depth; 10 3/4" visible paper width; 10 1/8" visible paper height


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