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Mitchell Sotka

Pair of Intricately Hand Carved Relief Serpent Dragon Teak Wood Plaques

Pair of Intricately Hand Carved Relief Serpent Dragon Teak Wood Plaques

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Sculpting comes in many forms and wood carving is one that deserves more credit! These Teak Wall Plaques are hand carved with intricate detailing, incredible depth, and impeccable design. From the leaves flowing around the frame to create a border, to the lightly textured background, every inch of these plaques has been crafted to represent the artist's vision and expertise. Each work features a serpentine dragon contorted throughout the central panel. Even though there is an asymmetry to their bodies, the overall work feels balanced which is a testament to the mastery of composition. Wherever these hang, they will work to create a visual flow that ties nature, art, and mythology together in a masterful way!

Collector’s notes:

A pair of hand carved teak plaques from Southeast Asia. Featuring dragons in relief framed by a leaf/scalloped border. Hanging wire on back.

Condition: excellent condition for an item of this age. No chips or noticeable scratches. Some minor water marks and small scuffs overall in accordance with age and use. **noticeable water spots/possibly old mildew spots on the back of one plaque (see photos)

Size: each plaque measures 19 1/4” wide x 13 1/4” tall x 1” deep

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