Vintage 1980s William Sevrens Lightship Penny Bottom Large Woven Basket

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Everyone can appreciate fine craft and that is exactly what this vintage Lightship basket is! Made by a true Nantucket Master Weaver, William Sevrens, this medium sized basket is a part of weaving history. Thin, delicately woven pieces of wood create a circular, deep vessel with a finely grained wood bottom. The handle is perfectly formed to mimic the exterior curves making it appear a seamless part of the basket when it is down. Whether you showcase this work of art in a prominent location, as part of a growing collection, or as a multifunctional piece of decor, it will add a wonderful pinch of history, texture, and craft to your home. 

Collector's Notes:

Condition: Excellent

Expected wear for age. Crafted by William "Bill" Sevrens (1916 - 2001) who coined the Penny-bottom basket in order to cleverly date the basket while also set a distinguishing mark from his teacher's baskets. 

Size: 8" height; 14" with handle; 12 3/4" diameter at widest point

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